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Gallery Visit: Herbert Gallery Quinten Blake Exhibition

I have grown up with the likes of Quinten Blake through the books and stories from the late Roald Dahl, from his most popular being Matilda to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to one of my personal favourite’s, The Twits.

Roald_Dahls_Matilda twits-jpg charlie-willie300

For myself I find the illustrations of Quinten Blake very iconic, although they are on the simplistic side they are easy to recognise as his work and myself as a child who was bought up with the books from Roald Dahl containing these illustrations from Quinten, they are easily recognisable.


Born in Kent, in the year of 1932, Quinten’s first published drawing was in a magazine called, ‘Punch’ when he was only 16.

He is an English cartoonist, illustrator and children’s writer best known for his work in the Roald Dahl books, which I have said above, to which in respect he gained his reputation as both a reliable and humorous illustrator in more than 300 books.

Blake has done other things other than his illustrations and writing children’s books; he has also presented on the BBC show, ‘Jackanary’, designed Christmas stamps and in 2007 he designed a mural on fabric that was opposite St Pancreas Station.

Amongst all this he is also a supporter and obtains other roles in a variety of societies. He is a Patron of the ‘Blake Society’ and, ‘The Big Draw’ which aim is to get people into drawing in the UK. He is also a supporter and ambassador at the, ‘Indigenous Rights NGO’ survival international.

Furthermore he has won many awards over his time including;

– International Boarder Books for Young People.

– In 2012, he won the Elenor Forgeon Award for outstanding commitment and contribution to childrens books.

– Knighthood in 2013.

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