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Week 2: The Spectacle and Carnival 305mc

So what is Spectacle?

noun: spectacle; plural noun: spectacles
a visually striking performance or display.
“the acrobatic feats make a good spectacle”


A spectacle can be in relation to many aspects; something you watch, emotion, give the illusion of participation, authenticity – the spectacle is something we know to be false (wrestling) They lodge into our memory as they are memorable in one way or another; distinctive, cut out of the ordinary.It is used politically and in most, possibly all news stories to either glamourise of dramatise the news story itself.

One minor example would be in reference to the London Riots, when a photo was released of a burning shop on a street near to where the riots were happening but had no relevance to the actual event.

(insert image)

This week in our group task we had to identify a contemporary spectacle and we chose youtube.


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