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Week 1: 305mc Shock and Awe Seminar

Along with 360mc, these lectures and seminars for the coming weeks have influence from the three components; Power, Spectacle and Memory.

The topic we decided to discuss in our group this week was shock and awe and to how the three components contribute.

– Power-Drawn to the event/shock value

– Spectacle-Become one because of the initial shock

– Memory-It’s memorable.

Stories that contain shock and awe initially sells the story/person or whatever you’re talking about, and it also can amount to some sort of free publicity for said celebrities. For instance one on topic this week was Miley Cyrus and her sudden outburst into the public eye. She has in a short space of time made a ‘spectacle’ of herself in the way she chooses to present herself to the public and the image she is conveying, which is seen differently to a variety of people.

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