The beginning of my Photography domain.

Are Pitches Meant To Sound Corny?

I’m not a film maker or documentarain, my passion is photography. So my pitches will sound somewhat different to the likes of fellow directors, producers and script writers as I choose to express my work, ideas and explorations through photographs. Some of my ideas will have an element of story telling but others are merely a form of expression or exploration of an idea or subject through a variety of ways I want to exhibit them.

Pitch 1 – Life and Cause of Death.

With using the technique of Lenticular printing, two photographs will be converted into one expressing the life and death of a person. The question is what was their cause of death? Whether it be; murder, suicide, natural cause or even an illness. Each character has a different history, life experience and circumstances that led to their deaths, and all of which are associated with each other in some way or another, but how?


– Lenticular printing, how it’s done/created

– Deaths


– Characters

– Stories/Connections

To incorporate the use of film and not class it as just a photography project, I will include some form of a collaboration of clips that will showcase each characters journey through the day they died.

Pitch 2 – ‘Traveling Light’, Projection Square Box.

186,000 miles per second. Moving instantaneously from one location to another, it contributes to many forms of life and the way we live. This would be an experiment to see how far I could go, how complex, I want to add dimensions to my piece and it not just be static. Along with the use of a specific audio to which will create some form of an audio-visual narrative to add depth and further meaning, all with the use of light.


– Projection Mapping –

– Places with light/to travel to

– What’s it used for/examples


– on initial idea

– further meaning

Pitch 3 – Title to be confirmed…

Using dry ice, or fogscreen.

This idea is merely in the process of even becoming one. I love the idea of using either dry ice or a fogscreen to showcase my photography, as it can simply add the wow factor to any given concept.

I was first introduced to this effect in a past lecture, but to my memory I can’t remember the artist but have since found other examples.

Through prior research I’ve also found that you can make it an interactive medium, allowing spectators to draw on the screen, which would be interesting to develop and make it stand out.

At the moment this is just an idea I have in order to showcase my work, but I am still working on the actual concept behind it.

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